DIY #2 Beth Greene custom made Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

DIY-Beth-2I am a huge The Walking Dead Fan and besides Daryl Dixon Beth Greene is my favorite TWD character ever. I totally don’t get why there is no Beth Greene Funko Pop, which pretty much annoys me but while I’m still waiting for them to release a Beth Greene Funko Pop I made my own.

Who else watches The Walking Dead? Who’s your favorite? I’m totally on Team Bethyl. I know there are also as many Team Caryl Fans but I will always be on Team Delusional. I just love both of them too much and I think they really had a very intense connection.


This is how to make your own Beth Greene Funko Pop:



  • Jupiter Jones Funko Pop Vinyl Figure
  • Acrylic paints (yellow, blue, brown, red)
  • Sculpt for hair pieces
  • paint brushes
  • water


Optional step

Something I didn’t do but you could still do: seperate the head from the body. I didn’t do it because I was to scared to break the connecting piece. Sure you can still superglue the head back on but I didn’t want to risk that so I decided not to „rip off her head“. But if you do so it might make painting the body much easier.


Step One

If you want her hair three dimensional you’ll need to get some sculpt. It’s available anywere on the internet, also on amazon. It depends on what kind of sculpt you choose but basically all you have to do is tear off as much as you need to shape her bangs. Knead it as long as you have the right shape and than place it on her. I didn’t do the braid though since it didn’t work at all. But with the right supplies I’m pretty sure some of you will probably find out the best way to do the braid.

After your done let it dry over night.


Step Two

Once the sculpt is dry you may want to use some sandpaper to get out any rough spots what isn’t the worst idea since if you get out the rough spots painting will be much easier. I didn’t do it but after I started painting her I wish I’d done so.


Step Three

So now that you have anything sculpted it’s time for some painting. As I’ve mentioned above, use acrylics. You could also use airbrush, I’ve seen some people do this on the internet but that’s only for fancy people; it seems to be really hard and difficult and – of course – more expensive and I definitely prefer acrylics.

You’ll need to do several thin layers of paint on her. The yellow shirt and hair will take the most layers, since the color is very bright. Just keep going until there aren’t any streaks left. I can’t remember how many layers it took me to finish her hair and shirt but I can tell you, it was a lot.

Even though the boots are already brown I painted them over with another shade of brown since I liked this one much better.

After that I used the red paint and a very tiny brush to do the scars and blood stains onto her shirt and jeans.


Final Step

To protect your Beth Funko Pop Vinyl Figure you can use sealant to preserve your pop. I haven’t done this yet but I will probably catch up on it later.


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