We all love bookish things and merch, don’t we? Well I do and I just love to collect everything that is in any way related to reading and books. So of course I also love to collect bookmarks. To be honest I did spend a lot of money lately on bookmarks, which most people don’t quite understand. They always ask me what I do with so many bookmarks since I can always only use one anyway. So yeah, what do I do with all these bookmarks? Actually I started decorating my bookshelf with them. And then of course I use them as actual bookmarks. But there are just so many nice and pretty ones out there I just can’t handle all the cuteness and beautiness so I always get the ones I like and that turned out to be a lot in the past.

There are two bookmark shops that I especially like. I’ve never been quite a big fan of magnetic bookmarks to be honest which I guess is why I’ve never seen as pretty ones as the ones above. I mean, just look at them. Aren’t they just so gorgeous and adorable. Since I’m a huge Halloween fan of course I had to get the Halloween ones on the left. They are actually mini bookmarks, so they are smaller than the other ones, like the ones on the right, but they are just so cute and I could just spend all my time staring at them haha sometimes I even get distracted by them while reading.



And now just look at those. The Mortal Instruments is my favorite book series ever and I also love The Infernal Devices which isn’t much of a surprise since Cassandra Clare is my favorite author dooh but don’t you find these bookmarks just so gorgeous? I love them. I love all of them and I’m literally too scared to use them because I might destroy them or fold them over.

But however, since I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who loves to collect bookmarks I just wanted to show you my favorite bookmark shops on etsy so far.

So if you love bookmarks, you should all go and check out Craftedvan just as HappyHelloArt on Etsy. They make the most awesome magnetic bookmarks ever. I can’t get enough of them.

If you already own some of yourself, tell me in the comments which ones are your favorites.

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