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REZENSION: The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender


author: Katie Alender
title: The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall
publisher: Point
publication date: August 25th, 2015

Delia’s new house isn’t just a house. Long ago, it was the Piven Institute for the Care and Correction of Troubled Females – an insane asylum nicknamed „Hysteria Hall“. However, many of the inmates were not insane, just defiant and strong willed. Kind of like Delia herself. But the house still wants to keep „troubled“ girls locked away. So, in the most horrifying way, Delia gets trapped. And that’s when she learns that the house is also haunted. 




I read this one for a bookclub on Instagram and I have to say that I really really liked it, even though I excpected it to be much creepier than it actually was. As soon as I saw the cover I knew I wanted to read this book and I was sure that this one would be a perfect October read.

This wonderful  emotionally written story left me behind with tears in my eyes. Starting off a little scary Katie Alender guides her readers into a supernatural world full of mysteria, unsolved secrets and tragic fate. The twist at the beginning of the book was unexpected and shocking and something that I was not expecting at all. The story was nerve-wracking and at times heart-racing and there wasn’t a moment in the book that made me think that the story was boring.

Even though the book is supposed to be a „scary“ read I found it very emotional and quite tragic as well. The story isn’t only about a creepy asylum and its history, it’s also about how tragic only one incident can influence the lives of so many other people and eventually changes everything in a bad way.

I loved the characters as well, especially Delia who acted very grown up for her age (well most of the time) considering what she went through. She’s strong and tough but still feels lonely and helpless sometimes.

I have to admit I’ve expected something different from the story, expected it to be way creepier but I absolutely enjoyed it and it did kind of freaked me out sometimes, especially when I was reading at night all by myself in bed. This book is definitely worth a read especially for anyone who likes ghost stories.


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