REZENSION: Skulduggery Pleasent: The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy


author: Derek Landy
title: Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones
publisher: Loewe (German publisher)
publication date: April 6th, 2009


If you’ve read the previous Skulduggery books then you know what the Faceless Ones are – and if you know what the Faceless Ones are, then you can probably take a wild guess that things in this book are going to get awfully sticky for our skeletal hero and his young sidekick. If you haven’t read the previous Skulduggery books then what are you doing reading this? Go and read them right now, so that you know what all that stuff in the previous paragraph was about. Done? Good. So now you’re on tenterhooks, too, desperately awaiting the answers to all your questions, and instead you’re going to have to wait to read the book. Sorry about that.



It’s been a year now since I’ve read the second book in this series so it was kinda hard finding back into the story and getting right into it. But what I knew was that everytime I read one of Derek Landys awesome books I’m going to laugh, laugh very hard and that there are going to be the most awesome action sequences ever, so after meeting him at the German bookfair I knew for sure I had to continue with this series and I am so glad I actually made myself do it. His sarcasm is awesome guys, it’s pure perfection and so wunderful if you don’t ever read a Derek Landy book you miss something.

I really loved this book, even though – as I said before – it was kind of hard getting back into the story and even though I already know some of the characters I still sometimes get confused with their names. They’ve got like the weirdest and at the same time most awesome names ever. But after reading a couple of pages most of the characters like Scapegrace, Gallow, Bliss and Krav meld together. I never got confused with Fletcher because from the beginning I thought he was awesome and hilarious.

I just still can’t believe how much action there was in this book. I mean ususally there are like two or three big fight sequences in a book but in this book it felt like there were a million of them. The characters never had a second to breath. That book is an adventures and wild rollercoaster ride you can’t escape. But even though I liked all the action sequences I thought that there was not enough dialogue. At least not as much and the first two books which I think was kinda sad since I love Derek Landys dialogue and Skulduggery is just hilarious.


„It’s fairly standard. Also, I’m fourteen. Also, your beard’s stupid.“
„Isn’t this fun?“ Skulduggery said brightly. „The three of us getting along so well.“

And then there was the meanest cliffhanger ending ever. I mean really Derek Landy? How could you do that to us? I was so furious when I finished it but luckily I already have book 4-7 waiting for me on my bookshelf and I can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen next.

These books are full of surprises, humour, action and adventure and that is exactly the reason why I love them so much and why I think this series is one of the best YA series out there.


2 thoughts

  1. Hi!
    Skulduggery gehört für mich zu den besten YA series. Ich liebe den Humor, die Dialoge und natürlich die Figuren. Ich muss zugeben, ich bin noch nicht dazu gekommen, Resurrection zu lesen, aber es steht natürlich auf meiner Leseliste. 🙂 Toller Beitrag und Blog im Allgemeinen! Ich werde noch ein wenig herumstöbern und mich durchlesen 🙂

    Gefällt mir

    1. Ich liebe die Reihe auch, allerdings muss ich gestehen, dass ich erst bei Teil 3 der Reihe bin – aber ich liebe Derek Landy, sein Schreibstil ist einfach großartig ❤ ich werde auf jeden Fall bald weiterlesen, wahrscheinlich so gegen Herbst, da ich solche Bücher immer sehr gerne in der Halloweenzeit lese hihi ❤

      Danke dir für all die lieben Komplimente. Es freut mich sehr, wenn es dir hier gefällt 🙂

      Liebste Grüße

      Gefällt 1 Person

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