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author: Zoe Sugg
title: Girl Online on Tour (Girl Online #2)
publisher: Penguin
publication date: October 22nd, 2015

When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can’t wait to spend time with her rock-god-tastic boyfriend. But, between Noah’s jam-packed schedule, less-than-welcoming bandmates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she’s really cut out for life on tour. She can’t help but miss her family, her best friend Elliot and her blog, Girl Online. 

Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer?

First of all, before I start with the review, I wanted to say something. I know that many people are still hating because Girl Online wasn’t actutally written by Zoe Sugg but ghostwritten by some other person whos name I forgot. I have to admit I’ve never ever heard of Zoe Sugg until the end of last year; until I got her book as a review copy. After I read the first book I’ve watched like one video of hers so neither am I a fan of her nor do I regularly watch her videos or whatever. Even tho she might not has written the whole book herself someone else has and put a lot of work in it and – to be honest – whoever that other person is I loved what they did. I know it’s not a masterpiece even though it’s a bestseller but duuh she’s like one of the most famous Youtube ever so of course her book is going to be a bestseller. I’m a girl and sometimes I just need a cheesy and cliché lovestory to loose myself in for a couple of hours. So and now that this was said, here comes my review:

I don’t know what it’s like to be a rockstar, to be dating one or to be on a music tour through a whole other country but I liked how realistic the tour life seemed to be. I don’t know anything obout Zoe Sugg and her life so I don’t know if some of the things she wrote about are some of her own experiences and if not, it’s evident that she knows a lot about this kind of life. Penny’s reaction to all of it seemed also pretty realistic, I mean anyone would probably have a hard time coping with this kind of life, especially someone with anxiety.

Elliot claps his hands together. He’s in full-blown Monica-from-Friends organizer mode now.

I could relate to Penny a lot. Just like her I don’t like being surrounded by many people. I do have panic attacks myself once in a while, especially when I am in a place which is crowded by so many people that you can’t even turn around and that is exactly the reason why I prefer to stay home and read a book instead of going out and making myself feel uncomfortable.

Penny’s character is nice, lovable and relatable for teenage girls I think. I really enjoyed accompaning her throughout the whole book, watching her grow and by the time the book ended, she was more of a young adult than a teenager what I really liked about this book. Since it’s actually a book for teenagers (I’m way older than 16 haha) it’s important for Zoe’s young readers to have a role model and I think Penny makes a real good role model to all her young fans. What I didn’t like that much about her character was that she kept quiet for so long. She should have spoken up for herself much earlier and she really was too forgiving. I’m nothing like that, I mean I am a forgiving person of course but when something bothers me I usually say it right away and don’t wait until my emotions are about to explode. Even though I didn’t quite like this, I think this is what makes her grow the most. I was so happy and proud when she realized that she hat her own life and that she needed to live it the way she wants to.

I am a huge Noah fan I have to admit, and even though I adored him I think at some point he was just too cheesy, too chliché, but on the other hand there were situations in the book when I really disliked him and thought he acted like a complete asshole. As I said before, I don’t know what it’s like to be a rockstar, be on tour with a band and such and I can imangine that it might be just as stressful as exciting but concerning that Noah was the one who wanted Penny to join him on his tour in the first place I thought it was so mean that he was actually the reason why she wasn’t able to enjoy herself and her life on tour with him. I’m glad that he tried to make up for it. That just showed how deeply he cares about her and how much he really loves her and how important their relationship is to him but after that one incident which happend with one of his bandmate (I don’t want so spoil anyone so I won’t say what happened) I thought he acted just like most other guys out there who don’t care about anything but themselves. I was so mad and disappointed because I enjoyed seeing them together so so much.

What I also liked was that we get to know more about Elliot and his life, especially his love life. Oh my gosh he and Alex are definitely OTP material. He is such an adorable character and reminded me so much of Kurt from Glee and I couldn’t help but picture him everytime I saw his name in the book.

Just remember, Penny. It’s you and me against the world.

Even though I did quite like the book there has been some things I truly disliked for example that the story is so sterotypical. I mean I know, I like cheesy and cliché stories sometimes but this one had like any stereotype in it you could think of. Plus what happend in the end of the book was a little too much and Zoe Sugg went a little overboard. What I also didn’t like that much was that there are so many „bad guys“ in this book, I mean it actutally seemed like everyone around them didn’t want them to be together and no matter how they tried to spend some time together there was always someone or something preventing them from doing so which literally drove me crazy.

Does anyone know if there’s going to be a third book in this series? I need a third book; I mean the ending was nice and all but I can’t live with an ending like that. I want more; I need more and sorry haters, but I really liked the book. I don’t care what people say or think it is a nice story, if you like Zoe or not; if she has written it herself or not. So if you are looking for a cute story with a charming rockstar and an adventure abroad you should definitely pick this one up but before you might want to read the first book first if you haven’t already.

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