Happy Halloween everyone!

Who else is excited for today? Besides Christmas Halloween definitely is my favorite holiday ever. Usually me and my boyfriend go to a huge special Halloween party but unfortunately we missed to buy tickets just in time this year so we won’t be going anywhere else, we will just be staying home, having pizza with our best friends, watching a horror movie and hitting the city to go to a Halloween party afterwards. We also made some pumpkin pie yesterday which I can’t wait to eat later today.



What are your plans for today? What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

I didn’t buy a costume this year. Three years ago I dressed up as a Skeleton, the year after as a Sugar Skull and last year as Lady Liberty. I might just use one of those costumes or just dress up as Hermione Granger haha

I can’t wait to celebrate All‘ Hollows Eve with my best friends!

I’m wishing you the greatest and spookiest night of all. Have fun and be safe!


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