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REZENSION: Cinder by Marissa Meyer


author: Marissa Meyer
title: Cinder
publisher: Feiwel and Friends New York
publication date: January 3rd, 2012


Cinder wouldn’t fit in at a formal ball, anyway. Even if she did find dress gloves and slippers that could hide her metal monstrosities, her mousy hair would never hold a curl, and she didn’t know the first thing about makeup. She would end up sitting just off the dance floor and making fun of the girls who swooned to get Prince Kai’s attention, pretending she wasn’t jealous. Pretending it didn’t bother her. 

Although, she was curious about the food. And the prince did know her now, sort of. He had been kind to her at the market. Perhaps he would ask her to dance. Out of politeness. Out of chivalry, when he saw her standing alone. The precarious fantasy crashed down around her as quickly as it had begun. It was impossible. Not worth thinking about. She was cyborg, and she would never go to the ball.

I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to read this. I really wish I would have read it much earlier. Cinder was on my wishlist for – who knows – like two or three years and only when I saw people posting pictures of Winter, the final book of the series, it reminded me of how desperately I wanted to start this series. Cinder is one hell of a story and a perfect mixture of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Star Wars and Sailor Moon – yes, Sailor Moon, you heard me right.

Cinder basically is a retelling of Cinderella, what I find quite refreshing since Cinderella has always been one of my favorite Disney movies ever.

The Eastern Commonwealth is a new unified Asia that has existed for many many years now. But besides to all the new unions and countries on earth, there is also an entirely kingdom on the moon – Lunar. The relationship between Earth and Lunar is unstable and the political disagreements between the two kingdoms do not help to stabilize the relationship between Earth and Lunar.

This book is a mixture of science fiction, fairy tales and dystopia taking place in the city of New Beijing many many years in the future. In this world, humans and cyborgs live together; in a world where human bodies get extended with mechanical elements if their actual body parts are injured in a way that can’t be healed anymore. So actually in this world it’s possible to turn a human being into a cyborg to save them from certain death.

Cyborgs are all possible test subjects in order to find a cure for the world’s new plague outbreak of letumosis. And so is Cinder, who gets unwillingly turned in by her guardian; her adoptive mother, after a tragic incident. When she meets Prince Kai, the Emporer’s son, she gets the feeling that life might still be worth living. She’s all caught in work, which she likes, she is accompanied by her little robot friend named Iko and there’s also that ball coming up to look forward to and not only because the prince himself invited her as a private guest, but also because all of the secrets that still need to be revealed.

Even though Cinder hasn’t met my expectations throughly I have to say that I really really enjoyed reading it. Marissa Meyer created some brilliant characters, slightly similar to the actual characters from the fairy tale though. Cinder is like a rogh diamond, who’s ready for some serious character development. Cinder has been through so much already, survived the worst accident ever, was „turned“ into a cyborg, what ended her human life and made her a second-class citizen forced to live with someone who hates her; who treats her like crap. There are quite a few similarities to the actual fairy tale but still it’s so different.

Concerning what she’s gone through in her young life already she’s determined not to give up and to stay strong. Cinder is such a great character, someone you can relate to. Someone who shows you that you should never give up on your dreams even if that means that you have to work hard for it.

But besides all the good in my opinion at some point the story either just went too fast or too slow. It needs more than three „dates“ to fall in love. Marissa Meyer kind of made the relationship between Cinder and Kai look so near and intense but actually it wasn’t. The book is completely owned by Cinder, despite the fact that there is like the worst plague going on ever and despite Kai being a Prince and stuff. I wished Cinder and Kai had more moments together, to intensify their relationship at least a little.

I also think that the whole story was kind of predictable. After I’ve read the first couple of chapters I knew what was going to happen in the end. I just knew because it was so obvious. Sadly the story isn’t as adventures and mysterious as I’ve hoped for. It even was kind of boring from time to time, a little lengthy but I think that’s okay considering that this is the first book in a series. I think Marissa Meyer chose a good way to introduce her readers to the world she’s created and to the whole history behind all that and also to all the very cool and interesting characters.

The book is very well written, I couldn’t put it down but still I’ve expected it to be a little more captivating. But the book left me behind curious. I can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen next and I can’t wait to see all these amazing characters develop.

I mean, Cinderella being a cyborg? You just can’t go wrong with something unique like that.


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