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REZENSION: The Walking Dead Vol. 01 Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman


title: The Walking Dead Vol. 01 Days Gone Bye
author: Robert Kirkman
publisher: Image Comics
publication date: February 19th, 2013


Okay so I actually already finished this in February, I have no idea why it took me so long to write a review. Probably because of work and school but here it is now: my review for the first graphic novel in the The Walking Dead series.

First I just want to point out that this is one of the first ever graphic novels I’ve read. I think I’ve only read one graphic novel in my whole life before so it was kind of hard getting into it but I’m really glad that it didn’t disappoint. I really don’t know if I just liked this one so much because I’m obsessed with the TV show but I really have to say that I enjoyed this one a lot even though – to be honest – I still like the show much better.

In the beginning of the book there is a note from the author Robert Kirkman himself explaining that Rick was the main character, that he would change a lot through the whole story and he also said that this zombie story was going to last for a while and that we could expect many many more graphic novels about Rick, his family, his friends and of course about his new life.

I love these kind of stories, I mean I am not that much into zombies, they are still gross and creepy as hell sometimes, but I like to read about the apocalypse and also I love to watch these kind of movies and TV shows. I just find it kind of interesting to watch people trying to survive like the worst thing that could ever happen to us. It’s interesting to see how they handle things and how they change … I don’t quite know how to explain it right. I mean of course I don’t want the zombie apocalypse to happen in real life it’s just reading about these kind of things is like an adventure, thrilling and yes it does freak me out a lot sometimes but I still think it’s sooo exciting. I hope that didn’t sound too weird but I’m sure that people who like the show and the comics just as much as I do will understand haha

As I said before I don’t like gore and guts and blood and all this and the story does have very disgusting and mature content but what I like so much about this is that the story is not about killing it’s about surviving, it’s basically about people who try to built up a new life even though it might be impossible because of all the zombies running around trying to eat them. They live in constant danger but still try to live and that is what I think is very interesting. Also how they change throughout the whole story. The worst parts of course is when one of your favorite character dies, what always happens to my favorite characters.

So as in the TV show in the very beginning of the book we are introduced to Rick Grimes, a police officer, who was shot and put into a coma for a couple of weeks and who wakes up completely confused and all by himself not aware of what has happened in the past weeks so of course when he „meets“ the first zombie he freaks out and all he can think of is finding his wife and his son hoping that they got out safely. So we meet quite a few characters, not only Morgan and his son who kind of save Ricks life, but also a whole bunch of totally different characters who try to live together. Of course people die, and of course people go insane and yes, dumb decisions are made and no, the government isn’t coming but for whatever reason they always manage to survive somehow, at least most of them.

Besides the story I especially loved the art. I’m not used to reading graphic novels and sometimes I cought myself only reading the little speech bubbles and not paying attention to the drawings what was kind of dumb so I always had to go back look at the pictures and read the speech bubbles again but that was just something I needed to get used to and the more I looked at the gorgeously drawn pictures the more I enjoyed and liked the whole story.

Altogether I really liked the first volume of The Walking Dead and I’ve already bought the second one. I can’t wait to dive back into the story and I am very curious to find out what characters from the show will also appear in the comics.



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