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REZENSION: Born to endless Night (Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy #9) by Cassandra Clare


title: Born to endless Night (Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy #9)
author: Cassandra Clare
publication date: October 20th, 2015



Let me apologize in advance first for this messy review but the feels are everywhere and I can’t think straight (haha)

Okay guys so after I watched the Malec episode of Shadowhunters I just had the urge to reread Born to endless Night by Cassandra Clare and I regret nothing. I lost track on how many times I read Born to endless Night already but when I realized that I haven’t even posted a review yet I thought why not reread it again and finally review it?

I still can’t breath tho. This novella has to be my favorite from all of them. There are Malec feels everywhere and I just can’t because it is so perfect. Okay I do remember now why I haven’t posted a review yet because I’m at a loss of words and I don’t know what to say. All I want to say is MALEC MALEC MALEC MALEC. I was fangirling so hard reading this novella I can’t even. I laughed, I cried and oh my goodness I screamed especially when Simon walked in on Magnus and Alec oh my gosh that was hilarious I think I read this scene like a million times and I just want to see something like this happening in the show it’s not even funny and no I don’t feel embarassed for wanting to see a Malec make out session on the show haha

I am so proud of Alec. It’s so good to see him being so comfortable in his own skin. I just love their relationship, I love it so much I can’t deal. When Alec kind of asks Magnus to marry him? I died and I screamed and when Magnus said that it’s always yes with Alec? I lost it. I read this one little sentence like a million times and I still feel the urge to read it again and again because it’s so perfect and I don’t know how Cassie does it but she created the hands down most amazing relationship ever and I could never thank her enough for that.

Also remember when Alec fell head over heels in love with the blue little warlock baby? That was just the cutest. And when Magnus kind of went crazy by the thought to acutally keep the baby but realized that being a daddy, having a child together with his great love is all he ever wanted? And the Lightwoods showing their support? How adorable was that? And the Jace and Simon bromance? I seriously can’t deal with all the feels.

MALEC IS EVERYWHERE and I will probably reread this tale a million more times because it is perfection. Please Cassandra Clare can you write a book about Magnus, Alec and Max … and Raphael? Just give us a Malec book already I swear to god I will buy any copy available because Malec is life. This tale was simply amazing even if the last page made me sob a little. I can’t wait for more Malec in the next books and for sure in the TV show as well.


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