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NEW TATTOO: Shadowhunters Alliance Rune

Hey there,

well some of you might know that I may be a little obsessed with Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter world so that’s why today I want to show you the new tattoo I got. I already have the angelic rune inked on my right side but I totally wanted to get another rune and since Malec means so much to me (they basically rule my world haha) I decided to get the alliane rune as well.

I think most of you who’ve read the books and loved them just as much as I did remember that one scene in City of Glass when Alec uses the alliance rune to bind himself to Magnus in order to fight Valentine … well this is one of my favorite Malec book moments ever. It’s actually the first time that Alec decides to not hide his love for Magnus anymore and then he just kisses him in front of everyone … I could fangirl over this moment forever so this is the reason why I got the alliance rune inked on my left underarm.


I think it turned out soo pretty. I’m so happy with it I can’t even. It sill hurts a little and it’s still not healed yet but I’m so in love and I regret nothing!

Do you have any bookish tattoos? If yes, feel free to comment down below 🙂


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    • its actually not that bad 🙂 of course it does hurt, sometimes more, sometimes less but it’s really not that bad 🙂 but you shouldn’t get one if you aren’t 100 % sure 🙂 and thank you so much! ❤

      Gefällt mir

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