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REZENSION: Desolation (Demon Road #2) by Derek Landy


title: Desolation
author: Derek Landy
publisher: Harper Collins Childrens Books
publication date: April 7th, 2016

Reeling from their bloody encounter in New York City, Amber and Milo flee north. On their trail are the Hounds of Hell – five demonic bikers who will stop at nothing to drag their quarries back to their unholy master.

Amber and Milo’s only hope lies within Desolation Hill – a small town with a big secret; a town with a darkness to it, where evil seeps through the very floorboards. Until, on one night every year, it spills over onto the streets and all hell breaks loose.

And that night is coming.


I loved Demon Road, it was one of the best books I’ve read in 2015 so of course I was very excited to read Desolation. What a great follow up to Demon Road, even darker and more cruel than Demon Road was. Desolation definitely dipped a lot further into the horror genre what made me think if children or even teenagers under 18 should read this. I am a huge fan of horror and Derek Landy didn’t disappoint.

Being back with Amber and especially Milo felt so good. Derek Landy is such a great and skilled writer, he’s one of my favorite authors and he definitely earned his spot on that list once more. Desolation wasn’t as humorous as Demon Road but it still had its funny moments, which was fine since Desolation is a lot darker and more cruel and it’s hard to joke around when you are about to get killed. So even though I’ve missed his jokes sometimes, it was absolutely fine with me.

We do have a different setting here. Instead of letting them go further on the american roads he adopted for Demon Road, he chose to settle Amber and Milo in one place called Desolation Hill. We also get introduced to a lot of new characters, characters at all ages. Kids, teenagers, adults and also elderly people which only proved again how well he writes age diversity. We get to jump around in all these characteres stories. We shift from a maybe fourteen year old kid to an elderly man wishing to be his young self again back to a seventeen year old teenage girl still struggling with who she really is. Even though it was a little confusing at the beginning, remembering all the names of the new characters it was so much fun getting to know all these new people throughout the story.

When they arrived Desolation Hill I immediately knew that there was something wrong with this town. Does anyone know the movie The Purge? Desolation absolutely reminded me of that movie which isn’t a bad thing. I totally loved the weirdness of that town. Also this book was a lot more violent, cruel and sexual in it’s nature, compared to the first book in the trilogy. I mean some parts were really disgusting but it’s a YA book so I guess that’s fine but I still think that maybe kids at least under 16 shouldn’t read this.

Usually from my experience when you have such an action packed book with demons, monsters, death and whatever it becomes a total mess. Sometimes the plot just gets lost over all the action but there were so many plot driven scenarios in this story it was great.

I also loved how the relationship with Milo and Amber seemed to grow in this book. One of my favorite scenes was when they started talking about flirting and getting laid and stuff, it was so random but so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. Derek Landy has such a dry sense of humor I love it. This is actually one of my favorite things about his writing.

Also Derek Landy never disappoints to surprise me. The thing with Amber and Kelly was something I would have never expected but still think it was very refreshing and I love the fact that more and more authors write about homosexuality in their books.

I think the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I didn’t like it as much as I liked Demon Road. Demon Road was new and all and we got to discover all the supernatural things; we were introduced to that whole demon world which was so exciting and thrilling and in Desolation it was already all there.

I really enjoyed this book so much I even didn’t want to finish it because  I just wanted to spend more time with Amber and Milo, especially Milo. He’s definitely my favorite. I love how sassy he is, how he doesn’t care about anything.

I can’t wait to read the last installment in the series which will be released in August 2016 so at least we don’t have to wait that long to find out how it ends. If you haven’t read the books yet and if you are a fan of the TV show Supernatural you should definitely give this series a try because Derek Landy is KING and his books are just awesome!




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