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DIY #6 The Mortal Cup Part 2 – Shadowhunters

Hey there Shadowhunters fans,

you may have seen my old post on how to make your own Mortal Cup already (click) but since I didn’t like the outcome too much I decided to do a new one. Well this is actually my fifth attempt to make myself a proper Mortal Cup and since many of you asked me to do a short tutorial I thought why not? I was going to do another one anyway so here we go:


First off try to find a cup somewhere in a store that kinda looks like the Mortal Cup. It took me forever to find one to be honest and this one still doesn’t exactly looks like the Mortal Cup but it’s okayish and it was the only one that looked kinda similar and didn’t cost a fortune. You would never believe how expensive these cups can be. I was shocked.

Then you need gold paint. For the last cup I’ve made I used puffy paint. I wasn’t very satisfied with the result so this time I used a different kind of paint. This time I used Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint. You may have to paint the lines twice to make the paint look „thicker“ tho but apart from that it was quite easy to apply the paint.


To make your lines look more straight you can use some tape if you like.

On picture No 4 you see the outcome of applying the paint once. You can also use a gold marker to paint over the paint or you just apply the Tulip paint a second time (what I did)


To pimp it up a little you could use some reddish fake diamonds.

I also used some red acrylic paint for the bottom part of the cup.

You could also use some frosted glass effect spray (this is what I did) to make the cup look kinda old and vintage and blurry.


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  1. Aww da ist ja die Anleitung süße 😍😙💖.. Ich hoffe es ist okay wenn ich dir auf deutsch antworte😙💖😊…. Ich finde den cup so wunderschön… Wirklich ein tolles DIY 😙💖

    Gefällt mir

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