REZENSION: Me Before You (+ Louisa Clark Cosplay)


So I went to see the Me Before You movie the other day and I gotta say it’s one of the best book-to-movie adaptions I’ve seen in a very long time. Me Before You was a thrilling rollercoaster ride of humorous laughs, people crying and staring dreamily at Sam Claflin’s face.



I’ve read and loved the book and now that I’ve watched the movie I can happily say that it was everything I could have wished for.

I was laughing and crying and laughing again and sobbing and shoving popcorn furiously into my mouth. So if you were wondering if it’s only like a sad and very depressing movie: NO, it definitely isn’t. Of course it has it’s tear-jerking moments but it’s also very funny and don’t even get me started with Lou’s outfits. I loved every single one of her outfits. Can I please have her closet? Can I please live in it?

Also I just found out that Jojo Moyes wrote the script so it doesn’t surprise me at all that the movie is really good. It’s very very close to the actual book. Of course they left out a couple of scenes but we all know that you can NEVER put everything from a book into a movie I mean that’d be like a 3-day long movie or something.


The acting was fantastic. I can’t even express how much I loved Emilia Clarke als Louisa Clark. She was amazing and so cute and sweet and she was soo perfect. Her facial expressions were SO WELL DONE and REALISTIC oh my goodness I don’t even know were to start. Her acting was beyond amazing, except for maybe the strong eyebrow game I mean like what the hell? Haha that kind of annoyed me a little but whatever And then of course there is Sam Claflin. We all know what a complex character Will Traynor is – well unless you haven’t read the book of course – he was once a very active person, very happy, someone who truly loved his life and now he has to struggle with being paralyzed from the neck down, of course it’s hard for him to be happy, to smile, to have fun … Sam did such an amazing job portraying Will Trayner and oh my, how much I loved his smile. Also Lou’s and Will’s chemistry was on point. The scene when Will takes Lou for a drive on his wheelchair was perfect; it was beyond perfect and it had me crying even though it wasn’t a sad moment but since I’ve read the book and I knew what was coming I couldn’t hold back my tears. This whole movie made me so emotional I think I was silently crying throughout the whole movie because it was so beautifully done.

The ending of course was as horrifying as it was in the book, well okay, maybe not as much since they left out a couple of things but I cried so much, like everyone in the movie theatre was sobbing like crazy, some girls couldn’t even stop and still cried when they went to the bathroom after the movie has ended. I feel so bad for all those who haven’t read the book, most likely expect a cute fun love story and what they get is like a slap right in their face.

Of course there are movies out there which are a lot sadder like The Fault in Our Stars maybe but only because Me Before is actually a happy and cute story only with a very sad and horrific ending.


I loved Me Before so much and it gave me all the feels. I wish I could watch it again and again and again and I can’t wait for it to be released on DVD because then I’m gonna watch it like every single day (and turn it off like maybe 20 minutes before the ending haha) There is no other way than rating this movie with 5 of 5 stars. It was amazing and even my boyfriend enjoyed it quite well and he isn’t even into romantic movies and such.

Have you seen the movie yet? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments.


And as I have mentioned before I’m a little obsessed with all of Lou’s outfits and I just love the book/movie so much I had to cosplay Louisa Clark. It’s not perfect but I like the photos anyway! Have a great day everyone!



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