Hey everyone,

if you check out the DIY section here on my blog you’ll see that I love to make my own Funko Pops from time to time since I have a slight obsession with Funko Pops 😉 I’m still missing some which I hope Funko will make in the near future for example Shadowhunter ones or also Funkos from the Hamilton Musical.

I’ve become quite obsessed with the Hamilton Musical lately and not only fell in love with Alexander Hamilton himself but also with Aaron Burr, Sir (yes I know he’s a jerk but still haha) so I really wanted to make myself a Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Funko. It took me so long to find the perfect Funkos tho.


So I picked these four little guys. I thought the Hancock guy from Fallout (no idea who he is) was perfect for Aaron Burr, at least his body tho. He’s holding a gun I mean come on, he was the one who shot Alexander; he definitely is the perfect choice don’t you think? Also the Outlander guy is perfect to use for Alexander Hamilton. So I used the head of the little football guy and the body of the Fallout person for Aaron Burr and Jim Moriarty’s head as well as Jack Randall’s body for Alexander Hamilton.



And this is the result. They aren’t perfect and I’m not fully satisfied with how they turned out but I think they do look pretty nice and I love them already. These were a lot harder to make than my Shadowhunters Funko Pops since there clothes isn’t all black and such.



I also uploaded a quick tutorial on my youtube channel in case you want to check it out 🙂

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