A tribute to bookstagram and the amazing people I’ve met on there


Hey everyone,

2016 is coming to an end and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you to all of you guys who made my year as amazing as it was.

#Bookstagram became quite an important part of my life and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Despite all the bad and awful things that happened in the world this year it was a great year for me personally. I’ve met some amazing people, made new friends, went on a couple of fun adventures, visited new places … I’m happy. I really am and I am absolutely looking forward to a new year full of new adventures and good books.

Actually I wanted to do this on my Instagram account but all that text wouldn’t fit in the caption so I’m doing it here. I just want to thank all of you, especially some of you amazing people who had a great impact on me this past year.


I think I met Kim (@howlingpages) at the beginning of this year. I was following her quite for a while already when we actually started talking. I’ve always been a huge fan of her work; her amazingly gorgeous bookstagram feed but soon enough I discovered that the person behind @howlingpages is just as amazing as her photos. Our minds think alike I must say, we do have the same opinion on so many things and when I do have a problem, especially concerning Instagram related things or whatever I always talk to her first. She’s so down-to-earth and calm and honest; I love how honest she is, she is also so much fun to be around, she’s the person who actually made me start reading the Percy Jackson series and she is so passionate about everything she does. Not only is she one of my favorite bookstagrammers but also one of my favorite instagram people ever. I’ve met her once and I hope we’ll get a chance to meet up again soon.


Alina (@alina_kunterbunt) is also one of my favorite people on here. We started talking a couple of months ago. We share the same love for all things Shadowhunters and one day she asked me if I would make her a Clary and Jace Funko Pop since she loved my custom made Funko Pops so much; so I did because why not? I think this was what started it all. We always have such great conversations; we talk about so many things (mostly books though and candles haha) and it’s just so much fun. She is one of the sweetest person I know; also one of the biggest Harry Potter fangirls and whenever she posts a Potter inspired photo on her feed it makes me want to pick up a Harry Potter book and read it right away. I love her photos, I love them so much and I love her even more because she is amazing (she’s also got a blog, go check it out CLICK)


And of course there is Samy (@unauffaellig_auffallend) one of the most talented people I know. I love how creative she is and I for sure love how passionate she is. She puts so much work and love into her photos I swear she deserves all the followers she could get, not only because she posts gorgeous photos but also she is one of the sweetest person I know. She’s so caring and helpful and so much fun to be around. I’ve met her once tho and even though we’ve met for the first time it felt like we’ve known each other for years already. If you don’t know her you should definitely check out her instagram account as well as her blog (CLICK)


Andy (@liveandbreathewords) also became one of my favorite people on here. I’ve met her a couple of weeks ago and literally fell in love with her, she’s such a nice and sweet and lovely person. Also she speaks as fast as the Gilmore Girls so definitely a plus as well haha I love talking to her, I love how we share the same love not only for a lot of books but also for the Hamilton Musical. If you ever want to fangirl about Hamilton with anyone – Andy should be your first choice because well … reasons.


I also want to thank Kathi (@storyline24), Nino (@ninoimwunderland), Stella (@stellette_reads), Liz (@liz_weasleyhead) and Belle (@stehlblueten) who became very close and dear friends to me. I’ve met all of them through Instagram and I couldn’t be more thankful to call these amazing girls my friends. Not only do they have amazing instagram feeds (I swear they take the most gorgeous bookish photos ever) they also are some of the nicest girls I know; so honest and caring and lovely and so much fun to be around and easy to talk to. I can’t even tell you how many books I’ve bought only because they posted a photo or recommended it. They all have a great taste in books, music and video games. Thank you for always being there and thank you for always being so awesome.


I also want to thank my friend Brittney (@herbookishthings) who’s hands down one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Don’t believe me? Well go check out her Etsy store and you’ll know I’m right. She helped me design the wonderful, beautiful and gorgeous labels for my scented soy candles and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you for helping me out Brittney, thank you for all your talent and creativity and thank you so much for being such a great and lovely and fun to be around person.


I also want to thank Carmen (@ohthebookfeels) who’s my personal Instagram Queen. I can’t even tell you guys how much I love her feed and how much I adore her as a person. I mean I don’t know her but from what she posts on her Instagram she just has to be one of the most awesome people ever. I’d love to meet her one day. She really seems like one of the most beautiful (inside and out) people ever. Thank you Carmen for always being so inspirational. You are seriously the best.


Another one of my favorites on bookstagram as well as on youtube is the gorgeous Emma (@emmmasbooks) I stumbled over her account a while back when I was looking for some Shadowhunters related videos. Emmas videos are insanely good; I love how passionate she is about the whole youtube thing and I so wish I was a little bit more like her. We do share the same crazy love for all things Shadowhunters what basically makes her my Shadowhunters twin. I wish I’d have know her already when I still lived in New York tho but I’m planning to go back to New York next year and I really hope to meet her then. I really love all her videos and instagram posts; she’s such an inspiring person I just adore her.


And last but not least I want to thank some bookstagrammers that really grew on me even if I don’t comment on every of their photos but I love them nontheless even look up to them, not only because they post beautiful photos, also because they are all such amazing people, funny, inspirational, crazy at times (which is a good thing tho) but also calm and down-to-earth and honest and passionate – and all of them made me buy at least one book due to their instagram posts. And here they are, some of my all time favorite bookstagrammers because reasons:


Thank you everyone. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you following me, commenting on my posts, liking them. I love talking to you so much; it became one of my favorite things ever. So thank you for everything!

Have a great New Years Eve and a happy New Year.

7 thoughts

  1. Ohgott Ivy 😭 Jetzt hab ich aber wirklich Pipi in den Augen 😭 Gott, wie kann man so wundervoll sein?! Tausend Dank für all deine lieben Worte! 😱 Ohgott ich bin echt total gerührt! Das kann ich alles nur absolut zurück geben und ich hoffe so so sehr, das wir uns nächstes Jahr auf der Buchmesse treffen 😍💖 und ich würde jederzeitig ALLE deine selfmade Funkos kaufen, denn die sind einfach der Hammer! 😍 Hab einen wunderbaren Rutsch ins neue Jahr und ich wünsche dir alles Glück der Welt für 2017 😘🎉 Bleib so wie du bist! 💖

    Gefällt mir

    1. gerne doch 🙂 ist auch nur die Wahrheit hihi freut mich sehr, dass ich dir damit eine kleine Freude machen konnte ❤ ich hoffe du bist gut ins neue Jahr reingekommen. Auf ein großartiges Jahr 2017! ❤

      Gefällt mir

  2. Oh mein Gott, wie wahnsinnig süß! Vielen lieben Dank für die tollen Worte! Ich habe mich extremst darüber gefreut! ❤
    Ich kann alles nur zurückgeben! :*
    Ganz viele Liebe an dich udn einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

    Gefällt mir

  3. 😭😭😭 du machst mich fertig. Erst mein Brief, der lang ersehnte wunsch nach Hogwarts zu gehen würde erfüllt. Dich auf der Buchmesse getroffen zu haben, habs dir ja schon gesagt, war einer meiner absoluten higlights!

    Dich als Person, ich mag dich wirklich sehr, so eine liebe und herzensgute Person 😍 du baust mich immer dann auf wenn ichs wirklich brauche und du weißt es noch nicht mal in dem Moment 😊 du bist einfach ein Beispiel ❤❤❤❤❤❤ bleib bitte so wie du bist! Und wehe du hörst mit Instagram auf! Ich brauche deine Inspiration 😍

    Gefällt 1 Person

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